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Top 10 Tracks of ’07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on January 17, 2008 by amson

Here’s my top 10 songs from 2007: (not in any certain order)

“Green Gloves”- The National
– a slow, pensive, and creepy account of a guy walking around his friends house with green gloves on- while they’re not home. Just awesome atmosphere, lyrics, and music here!

“All the Love You Need”- Big Head Todd & the Monsters
– maybe one of the best songs BHT has ever written! Awesome and engaging chorus, nice message, and catchy as heck!

“Impossible Germany”- Wilco
– maybe one of Wilco’s best songs ever too! The chorus draws you in the first time you hear it, and Wilco doesn’t forget to add some guitar freestyling and showmanship in the middle of the song too!

“Two”- Ryan Adams
– when not acting out or becoming lost in his own ethereal world, Mr. Adams has a penchant for writing smooth and beautiful songs- to which “Two” shines through as one of his best.

“Mind’s Made Up”- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
– a song about friendship and support- with a power and beauty all it’s own. Great performance of a “Frames” song- and a GREAT movie to boot!

“The Underdog”- Spoon
– a fun tune about life- I think! a little Billy Joel-esque!

“Right Moves”- Josh Ritter
-brooding over past romance maybe? Feeling lost in love? Possibly, but either way this is a great song.

“Body Baby”- Pharoahe Monch
definitely the most fun and “danceable” (haha, even though I don’t) song on the list.

“Ode to LRC”- Band of Horses
– I reviewed this puppy in my Album of the Year post a few days ago!

“A Bottle of Buckie”- Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
– I have absolutely no clue what this one’s all about, but I just love it! Ted Leo’s always got a message he’s trying to pound home, but here I just don’t know… haha.

Honorable Mention:
it was tough to pick just 10, so I’ll stretch the concept a bit here!

“Fake Empire”- The National
– it was tough to pick just one from this GREAT alnum- and “Fake Empire” was first runner up here.

“Falling Slowly”- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
– I’ll echo the sentiments from above ^^^^ – this album was awesome!

“Halloweenhead”- Ryan Adams
– if not for “Body Baby”, here’s the most fun song of the year- a bit wacky- yes indeed!!

“Set Me Up”- Shane Nicholson
– cool little pop love song. It’s a little too simple to win outright, but it’s still got teeth and is solid overall.

“Is There a Ghost”- Band of Horses
– I’ll make it 3 times under the “great album, can’t pick just one” sentiment from above^^!

In a year full of awesome music, it’s tough to pick 10 songs… but I’ve tried my best.
Anyone agree with any of the selections? Either way, go check out some of these albums and tunes!

AM Son