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I’m back… sort of!

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It’s been far too long since I posted to the blog.  Let me get back into form- I’ll start with this simple update:

President Obama and the White House released the proposed 2011 budget today, which can be found hereHere, here, & here (from all sides) are a few useful links which analyze the proposal.  What are your thoughts, what do you think Congress will do with it?  Obviously, without reading the entire budget it is difficult to discern right/ wrong, good/ bad, spend/ save and the interests that may or not be driving the proposal.


AM Son


Zakaria Always a Voice of Reason

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Here’s a short article/ interview with Fareed Zakaria about the recovery/ stimulus plans.  Zakaria is a foreign affairs analyst (and IMHO Genius) who always seems to think rather than react.  I like his long-term style over the the instant gratification that many of the analysts du jour are peddling.

Note: I’m a biased Fareed Zakaria fan, but I still cannot help but view the current economic situation in similar terms as he.  We must be deliberate, strong, and wise- not hasty, reactionary, and accusatory.


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Credit Crisis Explained

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Here it is, all layed out and simplified…



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