My Favorites

Movies: Good Will Hunting, Rudy, Children of Men, An Inconvenient Truth, Without Limits, Field of Dreams, The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn, A Civil Action, North Country, An Unfinished Life, Michael Clayton, Shawshank Redemption,

Music: Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Josh Ritter, Okkervil River, O.A.R., The Roots, Matthew Good, Wilco, The Frames, Soul Position, Billy Joel, The Wallflowers, Cold Duck Complex, Atmosphere, Dave Matthews Band, Neil Diamond, David Gray, Jurassic 5, Sarah McLachlan, John Mellencamp, The Mountain Goats, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, John Mayer, My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, The National, John Gorka, Jackopierce

Books: A Civil Action, Stupid White Men, Fast Food Nation, Culture Jam, Education of A Coach, Democracy Matters, Patriot Reign, The Post American World,

Magazines/ Periodicals: Green Living, AdBusters, Paste, The Nation, This Old House, Foreign Policy, The Farmers Almanac

TV: This Old House, The Wire, Firefly, Top Chef, Totally Rad Show, Friday Night Lights, Meet the Press, October Road, Diggnation, Watercooler, Bill Moyers Journal, Sports, Making it Here, Fareed Zakaria: GPS

Radio: NPR: It’s All Politics, Talk of the Nation, All Songs Considered, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, On the Media; WEEI: Dale & Holley, The Big Show


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