Moyers speaks with Leo Gerard

In light of the economic difficulties across the nation as well as Obama’s pending inauguration, I thought the following video segment to be pertinent and powerful.  Take 25 minutes out of your day and enjoy!

Bill Moyers, one of my favorite journalists, sits down with Leo Gerard– president of the United Steelworkers (USW).  This is a very good interview, with information that I tend to agree with overall.  And to boot, Gerard comes through with one of the most powerful uses of antimetabole/ chiasmus I’ve ever heard!

those people were prepared to bail out the people who had to shower before they went to work, but didn’t give a damn about the people who had to shower after work

Gerard has a great “listenable” quality about him.  Weather it’s due to his cool Canadien accent or his patient and affable demeanor, he is pleasant to listen to and not overly confrontational or condescending.

Hopefully there isn’t too much to chew on here- I know it’s a lot of video watching.

Take care and Peace

AM Son


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