Ever heard of a broom?!

Snowing in the parking lot!

Snowing in the parking lot!

I’m going to vent for the next several lines/ paragraphs.

The first major winter storm of the season hit the Northeast this past weekend.  Very good news indeed as I love winter, snow, and cold weather!  Apparently this news isn’t as well received for many people all over the area…

Why do I state such a random piece of conjecture?  Driving around for merely an hour today proved that people are either lazy, ignorant, lazy, unsafe, lazy, ignorant, unsafe…  you get the point.  What I’m getting at is this:

Why don’t people completely clean the snow off of their cars/ trucks?  I don’t get it- I saw dozens of cars moving along the roadways today as I was driving to/ from work, several of which were completely cleared off and many (too many) that were only partially cleared off.

I saw some cars that had only the windshield and back window cleared, some cars with a foot of snow on the roof, some cars with only the windshield and drivers side window cleared, and yes- even some cars with only a “peep hole” carved out on the windshield.  Yes, you read all of those words correctly.  Why is it that people can’t be bothered to completely clear off their cars?

My immediate reaction was that I was seeing many older people who “can’t” get to their entire vehicle for whatever myriad of reasons.  Even if this was the case, I still can’t understand why someone who isn’t able to adequately prepare their vehicle for the driving process should even be driving- period.  Age or physical limitations is not an allowable excuse.

So my next guess was that I was seeing “young’ns” out and about on Christmas break or shopping sprees…  I figured that the “kids these days” phenomenon was taking hold of my mind and shifting my disposition to that of an old crotchety geezer.  My assumption was that young people often times don’t have the discipline, responsibility, or foresight to “do the right thing”.  Again, not that it absolves them of preparation, but it’s what I thought to myself as I navigated the drifting snow upon the roads.  But alas, this demographic was also not the preponderance of individuals on the road.

What I’m getting to (yes, my blanket stereotypes and generalizations are integral to an effective rant, full of vitriol and ridiculous assertions, haha) is that there was not one certain “type” of person out there “offending” this seemingly commonly sensible (a.k.a common sense) action.  I saw all types of people driving around in all sorts of cars of varying conditions- some more egregious than others.  I saw laborers (donned in Carhartt gear) in trucks with a spyhole for a windshield, I saw granny’s with pristinely cleared cars, I saw teenagers with flickering ice and snow flying from their rooftops, and I saw middle aged businessmen speeding down the pavement with wipers waving rapidly due to the blustering snow from their hoods.  I saw it all.

I just don’t get it.  Why can’t people be bothered?  I know it’s a huge inconvenience and tragedy to head out to the car 10 minutes before you plan to leave and laboriously clear and scrape all the snow and ice from your gas guzzling SUV or tidy and cute sports car.  It’s a demanding task, I know.  I know.

Not only is it just pure ignorance and laziness to not clear your car off, but it’s also not safe- and in some places illegal.  It takes an extra 5 or 10 minutes out of a day to properly clear your car, and it could save hassle in the long term, not to mention possibly saving an accident.  It seems like it’d be common sense to clean off the entire car before driving, but apparently that’s too much to ask of some people.

So what do I think the reasons excuses are for why people choose (yes choose) not to clear their cars?  I think the foremost excuse would be that some people are simple lazy.  They want to get in their car and go, no questions asked.  I also think that some people are simply ignorant and lacking common sense- they don’t have the proper foresight to adequately prepare themselves.  There’s also the “I couldn’t get it all” excuse- for which comes my retort of, “yes you could, you just chose not to” or, “ever hear of a broom”.  I do think it’s a choice by the driver/ operator to clear or not clear their cars, and if it becomes difficult or troublesome to get certain areas on the vehicle then one can always reach for the ubiquitous and ever present house broom!  Albeit a fairly crude method, a broom will make quick work of snow clearing…  it works- remember, form follows function!

I just don’t think there’s any legitimate answer for not having cleared off the car- period.  (I’ll temper my aggression for “pregnant wife”, “heart attack”, etc), but honestly what could be so important (maybe the new 50 Cent disc or the sweet suede boots you just got) that preparation gets ignored.  Am I wrong?

My personal feelings about winter and snow and clearing the vehicle differ from those of most people.  I enjoy winter and all that comes with it, provided that I’m prepared.  Clearing off my truck is oftentimes fun and rewarding because I get to experience winter with my own hands- breathing the crisp clean air and feeling the cold on my face and the crunch of snow under my feet.  I’ll admit it, I enjoy winter, and I enjoy clearing my truck.  But most of all, I like being prepared.  I can’t quite understand why I value preparation more than many other people do.

End rant.


Assuredly I came off pompous and condescending in the above rant.  My apologies if I purport to be perfect and omniscient.  I am not.  I only wish to point out that which irks me, that is all.

I also do not use the terms “your” and “you” as direct accusations, but merely as an indirect object of a verb.  Or as some may say, pointing the finger away from myself.  Haha.


AM Son


2 Responses to “Ever heard of a broom?!”

  1. Kids these days! we had a freak thunderstorm (guess they are rare here) that knocked power out to the whole entire island of oahu. i literally just powered up the box when the power went out. i was getting ready for a full night of H3. i was very sad.

  2. is the picture from the header from 14 looking up to 13? its hard to tell but thats my best guess.

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