Admired Leader

Too many words can spoil the core of true sentiment, and too few words can fail to convey the gravity of a situation.  Having stated that, I’ll try to introduce this topic and let the weight and emotion of it do the heavy lifting.

Recently I was introduced (figuratively) to Randy Pausch– an inspirational professor from Carnegie Mellon University.  Sadly, Randy died of pancreatic cancer a few days ago, but his story will live on in lore forever.  There are people in this world who truly move a soul, and Mr. Pausch is one of those people.  Even in the brief experience I’ve had with his message, I can say definitively that it’s changed my life.

He gave a “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon last autumn, and immediately became famous for the life message he impressed upon his audience.  Soon after the lecture, his story became an internet phenomenon; inspiring millions of people with his courage, integrity, humor, and grace.

I challenge anyone to view this “Lecture” and not be moved to tears multiple times during its duration.  Due to my personal history, I may be a fair bit more impressionable in situations like this, but I still think it’s a story that will move anyone.  From beginning to (especially) end it is an immensely powerful experience.

It’s a fairly long video (1hour 16minutes), but please watch the entire thing- I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Lead your life the right way, and Karma will take over- the dreams will come to you

–Randy Pausch

There’s also a book by the same name.

Try this for comfort and relief.

Peace & Good Health

AM Son


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