GQ (but not like you think)

Thomas Friedman is one of today’s foremost experts on world economics and globalization. As a journalist of foreign affairs, he’s written a few books- including an extremely lengthy and fascinating book entitled “The World Is Flat”, which encompasses much of what has transpired in the global economic and socioeconomic spheres over the past forty or so years. In short, this dude knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the interrelations of global economics and global politics. I liked “The World Is Flat”, and also find some of his NY Times articles and columns interesting as well.

An October 2007 article titled, “Generation Q”– written by Friedman– has had my interests piqued for months now. Check it out and decide for yourself weather or not you’re a member of Generation Q., and if so what it means to you. I’m fairly guilty of some of his accusations- both the good and the bad. I’m aware of my part time ambivalence, and looking for a way to give it some regularly scheduled vacations.



AM Son


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