Robbins on “The Embattled Hoodie”

I’m not one to spend time on wasteful distractions like idolatry or star-gazing. Having said that, there are figures- both public and private- that I revere with enough respect and deference that drives me pay more attention to them. I seek knowledge and wisdom from these figures, as well as attempt to model certain traits of theirs to my own.

I’m not going to reveal the more personal figures in my life, but will let on to one public persona: Bill Belichick. He’s not perfect, and by no means do I disillusion myself into thinking so. Nor do I know or even care what he’s like in his personal life. He’s a great coach and motivator- at least it seems so from my limited knowledge and distance.

Tony Robbins is NOT one whom I look up to! But I like this excerpt from an article written on Belichick, in which Robbins is interviewed.

“Trying to get Bill Belichick to be this sweet guy, no one would respect that because he’s not being true to himself,” Robbins said. “It has to be authentic. It isn’t a game. It isn’t a technique that’s rehearsed, because if it was, his players would blow him off. With some people the style gets in the way of the substance. And when that happens, the people you’re trying to lead won’t buy in.”

I agree with Robbins, and try and sort of parlay those “true to thine self” qualities into my own professional life- as well as my every day personal encounters and experiences.

AM Son


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