Just exactly who’s the dictator here?

In a recent article by Z Magazine:

In contrast, President Bush, under the pretext of fiscal restraint, vetoed legislation passed by the Congress that would have provided access to medical attention for poor children, while spending billions of dollars on the illegitimate and murderous occupation of Iraq. The societal views of Chávez and Bush are mirror opposites: the well-being of the neediest on one side and the profits of multinationals on the other.

Now I can’t speak for the validity of this source, and I’m not using this one example as a blanket for me feelings on Bush or Chavez, but I just can’t get over the paradox and irony here- most people would jump at the chance to label Chavez with the “dictator” tag while in the same breath reserving judgment for Bush…. but this clear fact is an indication that we ought to reconsider our urges and preconceptions of some foreign leaders, while at the same time taking a moment to reevaluate our own leadership.

AM Son


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