Shin Splints, the “other” Gore, and Halo 3

Damn, I’ve just scored some new running kicks in hopes that my shin splints will subside! I’ve never been intimately privy to the torture discomfort and difficulty of shin splints. All the years (off and on) I’ve been running, and now- at 28- I go and get shin splints, haha! I should digress however- there are far more worrisome ailments for me to have acquired.

I’m going to take a moment to spread the vision of a news network I feel “gets it right”. The Real News Network is a no bullshit network of journalists that treat news and human involvement with integrity and fairness. Socrates once proclaimed, “the unexamined life is not worth living”, and I believe TRNN helps society become informed… Jefferson said, “Democracy cannot survive, much less thrive, without an informed citizenry.” And to that I say go read some real news, not fake manipulations of news and celebrity gossip…
… the correlation to that anecdote is this:
Gore Vidal, whom I enjoy listening to, has a great interview on TRNN. As always with Mr. Vidal it’s a candid, witty, and deep take on government, media, history, and the world in general.

And still taking up much of my non-reading free time is Halo 3! The fun, excitement, and depth of the multiplayer aspects of this game are neverending- not to mention the incredible stat-tracking at! It’s fun to have friends to play with- and thusly many many great games have been played as a result. Go Halo 3, for monopolizing my gaming time for the better part of 2 months!!

AM Son


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