Open Source is back!

Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Great news- my favorite radio show/ podcast- Open Source– is back from a summer hiatus! In an attempt to gain funding and start anew under different parameters, Open Source Radio is back “online”!

Christopher Lydon, the host of this great show, is an engaging and brilliant man. He, along with Bill Moyers of PBS are unparalleled in the world of public education outreach and commentating (journalistic) vision.

If you’ve never experienced Radio Open Source, go check it out either on public radio or as a podcast. If you hunger for knowledge and thirst for a good conversation, you can’t go wrong here.
Finally, my podcast playlist can be complete again!

AM Son


One Response to “Open Source is back!”

  1. Biden is Green

    Well we already know that Barrack Obama is the greener presidential choice this election year but how does his new running mate stack up? As it turns our Joe Biden has an excellent record when it comes to the environment. This clearly makes the Democratic ticket a viable choice for people who want a more environmentally sound governing body.

    Just in case you may be wondering what makes Joe Biden such a green candidate let’s take a look at some of his record. Joe Biden supports the 80% carbon emissions deduction by 2050. He also supports the 40 MPG fuel efficiency standard by 2017. Plus, he opposes offshore drilling for oil and drilling in the Arctic.

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