A Solar Solution for the Masses?

Fresno Solar Carports

Don’t know if you all are into alternative energy and whatnot, but check this out.
Think about it, solar energy is the intended goal and byproduct- whereas daytime shade is an unintended but welcomed byproduct of the solar structures!! Seems like a totally harmonious symbiosis to me… come on UMass and others (shopping centers maybe…) to jump on this bandwagon! I mean, if you could park your vehicle in the shade while dropping into EB, Home Depot, Wally World (well, who goes there anyway lol), Stop & Shop, etc and at the same time be benefitting from clean/ renewable energy then what more can you want…. other than plugging in your E- car into those solar carport things!!!
Alright, rant/ ramble over…


One Response to “A Solar Solution for the Masses?”

  1. We need energy everyday. Without energy, we cannot cook fast; we can’t go from one place to another, we can’t watch TV and you can’t even read this article. It’s a necessity for a society’s development and it doesn’t decrease in anytime. The demand just kept on increasing. That’s why energy is very expensive: our demand for fuel is far greater than the available fuel that we can use. Not only in fuel for our cars that we have to spend our money with, but we also have to pay for our electric bills and gas. Most people resort to simple usage of electricity but limiting our use of electricity will just mean limiting our usage of power.

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