Been a while since my last update- sorry for that. I’ll offer the customary “been busy, been tired, been absent, been offline, been livin’ life….” excuses and reasons….

So what’s new here- bullet style!

Babies, Engagements, Jobs, and travel– between baby announcements (congrats James & Jen!), Engagements (congrats Jeff & Vanessa!), births (congrats Bob & Trisha; and Pat & Sarah), Jobs (congrats Jeff & Vanessa), and travel (yay friends) it’s been eventful and fun!

Madden 08 was released last week (great game finally- the game we’ve been waiting for since the ’06 version)

Work’s been nice, the weather has cooperated lately. It’s nice to have September weather in August!

Josh Ritter’s new album is coming this Tuesday– his last one was an instant classic, so expectations and excitement for this one are ever up there!

Autumn’s almost here- which means football, less work, more reading, better weather, fantasy football, more friends, videogames, rest… yay yay yay!!

Things should start slowing down in the next month or so- in terms of work and overall schedule of things. Maybe I’ll get to post more, maybe I won’t, but regardless I have not forgotten about this blog- you can be sure of that!
Take care y’all, enjoy the rest of summer…. and I’ll hopefully be seeing you more often over the next few months or so!

AM Son


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