Football Resurrected!

Yes, it’s here- 2K Sports has answered us [hardcore] gamers’ prayers and created a “generic” football game for us to enjoy. No more relying on Madden for our football fix- as Madden is a perennial incomplete, shallow, and lacking simulation of football. Now 2K’s game- although fictional in nature in terms of it’s non-association with any real life league- seems to bring a depth and breadth of simulation football, atmosphere, character, detail, and emotion to this years proverbial table.
Oh and not to neglect to mention the big “mass market” draw to 2K’s new game:
over 240 Legend players from the old days of the NFL were individually signed to allow their likeness’ in the game!! Yes, that’s right, you can have a team made up of Jerry Rice, John Elway, and Barry Sanders if you so wish! Your star players will be surrounded by generic/ made-up players…. and football gaming will never be the same from here on out!!!
So, here’s the first official trailer of [2K Sports] All Pro Football 2K8! Enjoy!

AM Son


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