It’s still early… but

As of now, with Barack Obama’s severe ineptitude for attacking his opponents (when they misstep or become nebulous) or laying out comprehensive strategy and detailed plans for his Iraq, health care, environmental, and immigration policies, I’ve been blindsided by another Presidential hopeful.
Ron Paul, a Republican Congressman from Texas… yes, you read that correctly, a REPUBLICAN Congressman from TEXAS, has taken my muse of late!! Interestingly enough, Mr. Paul- an unassuming and low key politician- could masquerade as a fine Woody Allen impersonator if the need arose.
Check this:

He seems affable, intelligent, comfortable behind a microphone, and able to think creatively and with foresight when asked the tough questions. He stands out amongst the rest of the other R candidates in the sense that unless it was stated he was a R you would likely think otherwise. He seemingly carries Liberal and Progressive viewpoints and sentiment, which to me is refreshing. He’s not afraid to attack fellow candidate Giuliani on issues about the current Iraq policy, or fight against (in his opinion) the myopic, imperialistic, and exclusionary political agenda of the Bush administration as a whole.
I can’t say too much right yet, for its still considerably early in the whole process. Having said that, I’m liking what I see from Mr. Paul. Unless Mr. Obama or another (unlikely) candidate from either side steps up to the plate with solid, democratic, for-the-people viewpoints and strategies, then I’m sorry to say (and proud of the objectivity of) vote for a R.

A lot still has to go down however….
I’m staying tuned!
AM Son


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