Pittsfield’s Getting In The Mix

Although Biodiesel isn’t exactly a perfect alternative fuel, it’s a fuel that is filled (pardon the pun) with merit. Among the chief benefits of this alt. fuel is the fact that it removes our reliance on foreign energy sources. Because biodiesel can be made from crops produced in this country, or created from waste cooking oil, it is an energy source that mitigates our need for the Middle East.

I’ve mentioned and wrote about biodiesel previously, but today’s thoughts are for a different reason. It turns out that Pittsfield is building a biodiesel plant. This may not come as a significant event to many of you, but to me it is not only significant but also a pleasant surprise.

When I think of forward thinking, progressive, bleeding edge communities; I rarely think of Pittsfield or The Berkshires. Those attributes and traits make me think of Northampton, the Pioneer Valley, (“The Happy Valley”) or even way out to San Fran or the Pacific Northwest.

I think it’s cool that Pittsfield will have this new plant. It’s encouraging to me that maybe the concepts of environmental awareness, action, stewardship, and involvement are becoming more mainstream. That’s what a biodiesel plant in Pittsfield means to me….


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