Flying Glass Shrapnel In The Kitchen

The kitchen can be a scary place, a place of eerie missteps and hidden danger. That was the case on the evening of Friday March 30, 2007… where I became fodder for a Pyrex casserole dish.

Oh ok, I’ll quit with the drama and hyperbole and just tell it how it was. The drama sets the scenario, but it really isn’t as bad as my lead would have you believe.

Yesterday while making some (would be) scrumptious scalloped potatoes, the Pyrex dish I was cooking in exploded. Yep, it exploded, it blew up, it released energy as only an exothermic reaction can. And I don’t mean it broke apart into a few large chunks of glass, nope, it literally exploded apart, covering the kitchen, dining room, and parts of the living room with all shapes and sizes of broken tempered glass. Quite literally, it was like a small bomb exploded in our apartment. There was water, potato sauce, glass, milk, and butter everywhere. It was a sight to see for sure.

Luckily, when this event unfolded, Emily was in the shower and Keegan was in another room. I too was turned with my back to the oven, which probably spared me of injury or at the very least being covered with all the “bomb ingredients”. I don’t know if I would have been injured if I’d been stirring the mix or even turned towards the oven, but I’m sure glad I was turned away.

I guess Pyrex shouldn’t be used on a burner. I’ve used it on burners before, as have other people I know. My Mom doesn’t use Pyrex on burners, and Google is split down the middle on people who do and those who do not. So, I don’t know what the actual answers are… but I do know one thing:
I will never use Pyrex over direct heat ever again.

The cleanup took about an hour, and it was extremely tedious. From sweeping floors, vacuuming floors, cleaning counter tops, washing dishes, and throwing away dinner, it was an interesting experience.
We had to throw away the pork chops we were about to cook for fear that glass could be lodged into the meat…
The whole ordeal was actually a good pretext for ordering pizza!! Silver lining maybe, lol!?

So, the kitchen and dining rooms are spotless now…. and the Pyrex casserole dish is long long gone.

Another life learning experience.

AM Son


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