Go, Go Al, Go Al Gore!!

So, in case you’ve been living under sedimentary rock lately… here’s what the Pres.. err ex-vice pres has been up to recently:

Mr. Gore’s been making the rounds, and he recently stopped by that institution we like to call congress (actually, The House Energy and Science Committees) where he had an agenda to deliver and act upon. I say good for you Mr. Gore. First the movie, and now post-movie action- I like your method Sir.

Here are some links to peruse:

Watch Gore go to town on our “elected officials”:

If interested, check part 2 and part 3 at youtube.

The Nation offers praise and awe to the man!

Grist tells it it like it is, and should be. Hooray beer action!
(Pay particular attention to the last paragraph; an eloquent and effective summarization of the current political landscape and why Gore may just be the man to spearhead change- real change.)

Grist at it again, with Gore’s 10 legislative recommendations!

Al Gore’s official site…

Enjoy. And may the new season of spring usher in political, moral, ethical, and functional change in the way we as a united people approach the climate and climate change. It’s time to be objective and leave the emotion and political and religious hogwash behind us.

AM Son


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