Where it takes me…

As you may or may not have noticed, I like to write with “…”
It makes what I write, the concepts and ideas which I’m trying to convey, seemingly more conversational. To me, it offers more of a flow to the writing… more of an open ended storyline and method to understanding.
Weather or not those goals are actually met is quite another thing… but it’s how I write, and most definitely it’s not going to change… it’s my style… it’s my signature… it’s my method!

Ok, now that I’ve rambled and become the non sequitur that I portray in my writing… I’ll head off into another unspecified direction!

I’ve been lazy of late. Even though the barrier to entry for writing a blog entry has been significantly mitigated (zippy laptop is more portable and accessible than old desktop pc), I can’t seem to get myself motivated or inspired to write anything remotely interesting.

So… until a topic of any worthiness strikes me from out of the blue, you’ll have to find solace in checking my slowly increasing gamerscore!

P.S. Spring is upon us, which means golf will be becoming my “big brother” for the next several months. This may mean more of the same nothingness that I’ve been posting lately… or maybe it could mean more inspiration or indignation… who knows… we’ll see.

AM Son


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