Music Is Life

Anyone who knows me is aware that music is an important part of my life. I couldn’t even envision myself being with a woman who also wasn’t into music. That is one reason why Em and I are so good together… one of many!

But music is more than just something to pass the time or make a moment joyous, it’s life. It’s something that can make or break a moment, it can provide incentive or push, it can bring me to emotion and pain, and it can take me away from where I don’t want to be or even take me back down to earth.

Although cliche, music really is the “soundtrack to my life”. Notice I didn’t say that “insert song/ album/ artist name here” provided the soundtrack of my life. That’s because my mood, tastes, influences, needs, and desires are always changing- they’re dynamic just like my life.

In a strange sort of way, music is the one thing in life that never has and never will let me down. All literal translations aside (because taken literally, that statement seems awful and lonely), music is the one thing, be it hobby or desire, that cannot let me down. It’s here for me, no matter my mood or predicament. Music is only a click of a mouse or a snap of a cd case away… it’s never too far and always too close… it’s loud enough but never too loud… it’s tempting, it’s unnerving…. it’s kitschy and dated, but always pertinent… it’s sublime and surreal… it’s unexplainable and understanding… music, it’s perfect…. music…
it’s life!

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Go check out what I’m listening to, and what else is on my aural pallette! is a sweet music community site… go look!
AM Son


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