The Governor Has A Podcast!

In case it flew under the radar of your attention, a really cool thing happened about two weeks ago at the Governors Office.
Deval Patrick announced that he was instituting a weekly podcast (downloadable audio file) each Friday on the Mass. Government’s website. It’s pretty cool, usually lasting about 5 or so minutes long, and covers all sorts of topics from updating the public to his personal life, assessing the current state of the commonwealth, introducing new programs and/ or roles within the government, asking for public support and input, or even just recapping a weeks worth of events in and around the state. It’s a welcome outstretched hand from Governor Patrick, and may be a rosy sign of the way in which he plans to govern.
Ironically, this whole idea, and the fact that it was instituted so quickly after inauguration is in very stark contrast to the style and method of Mitt Romney. Check out this article from a few weeks back, it really lays out the drastic differences in approach from the two governing men. Personally, I like Deval’s style better!

It’s only been a short while that Mr. Patrick has been in office, but I really have taken a liking to him. Weather it’s the verve and style in which he handles speaking roles, or the manner in which he’s already taken a hands on approach to governing. It seems he realizes that you can’t have the “good ol’ boy” political style in this day and age, and to me, that’s a very positive first step.

Oh, and fyi, I didn’t vote for Patrick… (maybe some day Green Party) so there’s no forgone affinity here, just an objective study of a “job well started”.


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