I’m stealing a line from Guerra here… Matt, you’ve got prior use rights on this one, haha! So, yeah as we all know the Pats are now an ex…. as in they are no longer a team playing in the 2006/ 2007 season. The Colts beat ’em up pretty badly in the 2nd half of last Sunday’s AFC Championship game, which the Colts won 38-34. Congratulations to the Colts, they were the better team for the duration of the game. Tony Dungy is a great coach, and seems like an even greater man. Seeing so, I think it’s tough to ever root against a guy like that in life… never mind a football game. Peyton Manning is a great football player as well, and also follows in the classy, mature, good-sportsman mold. So, I hereby announce my intention to root for the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI!

I wish there were heartwarming side stories a la last years blog post… but there really isn’t. There were no superhuman-almost-game-saving-100yard-tackles made by a certain Benjamin Watson this year. There were no really egregious officiating blunders like last year either. And lastly, there was no real reason that the Pats deserved to win that game, seeing as they played so lousy after the halftime festivities.

I do believe that if they had won the AFC this year, that the Pats could have and would have beaten the Bears in the super bowl. Obviously, we will never know if New England would have hoisted trophy number 4 or not… and for that and in that vein of mystery, I will end this post. It’s too painful to articulate the feelings I have for this particular end to this particular season….

Good luck Colts, Go Peyton and Tony!

AM Son


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