Still Deeply Waged

Reason For War
(September 2006)

Men don’t fight with swords anymore,
but bombs work pretty well.
Things have gone so far;
gotten so out of control;
the reasons for war anymore;
we can never even tell.

Faith for the sake of faith,
is a tunnel.
And those words, utterances, and actions;
stemming from that faith;
are vehicles.
All leading to destruction.

Send a dove to the West,
only to wage bloody war in the East.
Get on the megaphone;
blare lies to the electorate,
while whispering the ruthless truth,
to those in your pockets.

Mother nature won’t stand in your way,
the affluenza that affects you,
is piss an’ vinegar,
to her sweet gentle breath;
that you make bitter with your lemon spirit.

you’re an evil evil man.
Walking in the house painted white.
An evil grin you wear,
it matches;
that snarky persona so fine.

Reason for war,
it can be anything at all.
It can be nothing too small…
The reasons for war anymore;
we can never even tell.

The days go by, the years add up, and the death toll from both American soldiers and Iraqi citizens rises ever higher. The more this sorry excuse for a war drags on, the more that people pack it away to the depths of their consciousness. It’s become background noise, it’s become mundane (no disrespect to soldiers and their families) because it seems there is no result. There has been escalating conflict, fighting, and death in Iraq, and more and more developing issues extenuating to U.S and Allied involvement. And all for what…? That’s all I’m saying here.
This war is nothing but a method for the current U.S administration to extend their imperialism across the globe. It’s a facade, from the “WMD’s” to the “democracy for Iraq”. It’s a vehicle for our President and his cronies to attempt to control the middle east… so they can control the oil. War makes money, and when our Vice President has a stake in a company (Halliburton) that directly benefits from war, construction, oil, and destruction; then there’s no other conclusion to draw.
So, I say: what are the reasons for war? Check out more about Halliburton for yourself: here and here.


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