It’s a snowless & flat world…

Here we are, it’s December 19, and I can see green grass. I see enough green grass during the months of April through October that come December I expect the grass to be hidden under a thick insulating blanket of white SNOW! I know I know, it’s not technically winter yet… but Christmas is a few days away and we’ve yet to receive a measurable, lasting, significant snowfall. I’m depressed about this fact, and although it is not impairing my ability to enjoy each day, I do pine for a nice winter snowfall. Let’s do some sort of snow-dance or some shit like that… as of now, it seems to be our one last hope before the 25th hits us.

So there’s the snowless part…

Here’s the flat world part….

I’m currently reading a book entitled, “The World Is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman. Chef and I are kind of treating this thing as assigned reading over these (snowless) winter months while we both have some free time to devote to a good book. It is in fact a good book- so far! As I write this, I am currently at around page 230 of this 600 page book, so I’ve yet to experience the majority of what Friedman is trying to accomplish. As of now, it’s an extremely involved, detailed, and broad reaching attempt to explain how the global world is becoming more of an integral and real notion. This is where the “Flat World” idea comes in- the world is flat in the sense that average individuals have more and more ability to reach and influence the rest of the 6 billion inhabitants of this planet. If this concept seems esoteric or strange to comprehend, consider this:
just the other day, Time magazine released it’s 2006 person of the year issue. In case this is unfamiliar to those out there, Time awarded this distinguishable award to………. drumroll……..
YOU! Yes, that’s it, you are the person of the year. If interested, go read the article for a more concise and erudite explanation of the topic.
It’s interesting to note the similarity of what the Time article and Friedman’s book thus far are paralleling. Like I said, it’s a 600 page book, so I cannot go into too much detail here, but I think it’s pertinent in these global times to have a nice grasp on the workings of the current world. I’m no expert, heck I haven’t even crossed the half-way point of the book, but so far it’s an interesting, intriguing, and well thought out argument for why Christopher Columbus would eat his words (figuratively) if he were still alive!

For now, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season! Good luck traveling that clean blacktop this Christmas, and even better luck in the coming year. Hello ’07!

AM Son


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