October & Everything After…

… yeah, so that’s right, everything since “that day” has been altered forever. Now it’s up to me, Emily, and all the crew to keep life as even-keeled as we can. It’s important to sustain normalcy, as much as we can, if there is such a thing. Normal has an extreme meaning now, and I don’t like the word, but it must suffice. There is no other way to describe this…
Which is why I’ve found it tough to bring myself to make a new post here. I just feel like I don’t want to let “it” go… that I don’t want “it” to be forgotten (which “it” hasn’t), or for “it” to seem irrelevant at this point (which “it” is not). I want to go forth, but I want to do that in a manner which holds integrity for all involved- those close to me and those close to “it”.
So, I write this post with a heavy and confused heart, but I must…

When is it going to get cold?? I mean, here we are on November 30th, and we’ve seen maybe 1 week of close to freezing temps. Where’s the snow? Thanksgiving just didn’t feel right with rain and drizzle and dampness and mugginess and… well… “it”…
As the Dire Straits proclaimed many years ago… “I want my MTV snow/ cold/ fall/ winter”

The election came and went, and well the Democrats proved they had enough collective lube within their party to squeeze out a win! I say this is a good thing, but we all know Dems and Reps are just two different piles of shit- right?
Just today, I read probably the best article I’ve ever read. Read it here.
Many of you know that I love to read the Valley Advocate, so it shall not come to anyone’s surprise that this article came from it.
This guy seemed to crawl inside my mind, heart, and soul. He seemed to transform my thoughts, fears, and observations into ink on a paper. It’s uncanny how much I agree with this article. It angered me, it motivated me (to write this at least), and it made me think. It’s nice to be able to count on the Advocate, for it rarely lets me down. Yeah, it’s probably me residing in an echochamber, but I’ll submit to common voices if it makes me feel better about this world… wouldn’t you?

The Celts stink (no link necessary), the Pats got a huge win in Chicago last week, and the Red Sox seem to want to give away their good players in order to move in and pay top-inflated-dollar for mediocrity.
Oh and lets not forget that the Pats are now playing on fake grass. Yeah, great for them, bad for grass guys. We better start job searching if this is how it’s gonna go down.

Work has calmed down considerably- finally! Now I get to spend more time living life rather than aiding, abetting, and unwillingly kowtowing to the thieves and curmudgeons that make up country club life.

I’ve been running for the past few months. I try for 5 or 6 times per week of at least 25 minutes or so. I’m trying to curb the cyclic nature of my fitness and physique. It seems (as Chef would easily point out) that I lose 15lbs in the summer when working a ton, only to gain some or all of it back during the winter when I work less. So, I’m being proactive here, trying to stay active and kill the cycle. Plus, it’s fun to be active. It’s good to be running again- if you could call this thing I do running! haha

Well, I’ll quit the freestyling here- as I’m sure I’ve rambled enough.
I’ll try to update more often… stay with me!
Peace and ?uestlove
AM Son


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