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Lets see, I’m gonna do something a little different today. Instead of simply bombardin’ you with way too many words, I’ll just do a little list of things with their ratings, and by default… bombard you with way too many words! This all pertains to “recent life”, so if it aint recent, it aint in here- word to that! It’s a myriad of things, from music to books to friends to work…
Here we go:

John Mayer– Continuum 7.0
It’s John Mayer, so overall it’s pretty good, but I’m just not feelin’ it deeply yet. It’s got some good tunes, but nothing that really grabs me. It’s in constant rotation so maybe this will all change. For now, my picks on this CD are, “Waiting On The World To Change”, “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)”, “Vultures”, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”, and “Bold As Love”

Jurassic 5– Feedback 9.0
J5 is back, and this CD is awesome! Great flavor here, typical of the group. One of my fav hip-hop albums of the year. Favorites here are, “Back 4 U”, “Gotta Understand”, “Baby Please”, “Work It Out”, “Where We At”, and “Red Hot”.

Our Picassa Web Album 10.0 Obviously we like ourselves, our friends, our excursions, our fun, and our lives! So go check the new shots out, we hope you like….

The Roots– Game Theory 9.0
If I wasn’t so biased, I’d immediately vote for this disc as best of 06. Read my review from a few weeks ago for a better grasp, but this album, this band, they’re just so damn good!

Affluenza (sorry, don’t wanna link to amazon, etc here)- 7.5 this book is pretty good, and gets a slightly lower score from me because it’s dated. Published in 2001, the facts and figures are out of date, but in the grand scheme this read rocks. It deals with the rampant consumerism in America (and the world) today, and how undercurrents of materialism and a consumer culture are ruining the very foundations of humanity. Now it’s not a total downer however, because it does offer some suggestions for self actualization and redeeming one’s soul in life. All is not lost- this book’s a little disheartening, but a good read indeed! Check this site for more!

North Korea NEGATIVE RATING What the eff is wrong with wacked out dictators and their freaked out logic? Can’t we all just get along? Read this if you aren’t aware….

Autumn– 10.0 as anyone who knows me will know, this is my all time favorite season! The temps, the daytime hours, the foliage, the light angles, the smell and feel, it’s all there! So, it gets an easy ten from me, and always will! Check the picassa album for some new fall pics!

Bob WoodwardState Of Denial Cool Factor Very High because I haven’t read the book yet, but I want to soon, and when I do I’ll get back to ya….

Free Speech/ RO Blvd. – Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth 8.5
I stumbled upon this FREE cd by an unknown (to me) hip-hop duo, and let me say this——> WOW! They’re giving this away free and encouraging the spread of it through burning, sharing, etc. This is a very very good hip-hop album! It’s got it all, politics, fun, social commentary, braggadochio, melody… etc! Stand out tracks as of now are, “Shake Your Laffy Taffy”, “Digital Dirt”, “Kick Push”, “Breakfast Club PSA #1”.

Zion I & Grouch- Heroes In The City Of Dope 8.5 Another hip-hop cd I stumbled upon, and another that completely blows me away. It’s got a good, solid, underground feel to it. It’s umbelievably infectious and fun to listen to, and it comes highly recommended! Top tracks are, “Hit Em”, “Trains & Planes”, “Too Much”, “Digital Dirt”, “10 Fingers, 10 Toes…”, and “Bad Lands”.

Patriots Football! 8.0 Their team isn’t perfect this year, with deficiencies in the passing game and secondary defense, but overall they’ve held their ground and performed well under some fairly adverse conditions. They lost Branch, McGinnest, Givens, and Vinatieri, and they’re still winning…. so the record is pretty amazing considering all that has gone down in Foxboro. Time will tell if they’re really an elite team or not, and if they have what it takes to take it to the big house in January/ February!

?uestlove! Gotta love the frow, the flow, and the know(ledge)!!! 10.0 I always find room to pimp the man who goes by the alias Questlove- officially named Ahmir Khalib Thompson.
Check these links for more info:
drummerworld and wikipedia

eMusic 8.0 A great site for new indie music of all types! Good place to find new stuff, brush up on some older “non-rolling stone type” stuff, and really just get down and dirty with some new music. No DRM, no streaming, no bull$hit…. just good tunes to download and use as you wish! The cost isn’t too bad, especially when compared to actually buying equivalently downloaded music per month.

Detroit Tigers 9.5 They earned it, and no one has given these guys respect for years! Congrats Detroit, the whole city and all their supporters. Good luck in the Series!

Well.. that was tiring… I’m done for now. Hope that list was enjoyable…. or somethin’….
AM Son


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