Another whirl at expression through characters and symbols…

Color Cycle
(January 2005)

Two men appear from a shadow;
Both have a story to tell.
Both will cry,
Emotive are both.
One soul will smile at sundown,
Ready to welcome another day.
While the other…
… the other frowns at the setting sun,
Foreboding the nighttime.

Black and Blue, with Red:
Black is the fingers,
Stretching to the shoelaces.
Blue be the collar,
Average Joe going through his paces.
Red is the checking account,
Always in despair;
Waiting on a dollar, but it comes from no where.
And the colors paint a picture,
It’s life man…
Tumbling along, blow by blow;
“The man” is in control.

Black and White, with Black, White:
Black is the bank account,
Piling higher upon higher;
Profits feeding off profits.
White be the collar,
“The man” making it big;
Off sweat rung from the blue collar.
Black plus the white,
Together they show how the eye sees the world;
Yes vs No, Good vs Evil…
The Haves vs The Have-Nots,
And the colors paint a picture.
It’s life man…
Floating along, kiss by kiss,
“The Man” is in control.

The truth of life is indeed ominous at times… that is why to always be oneself, and always act for the betterment of our own situations is the best medicine for a poorly constructed social system.

…Is Free Will Dead? Have a good read/ listen here!


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