Laugh, cry, and think with me…

I’ve never really understood the whole fascination with comics; weather it be comic books or comic strips. Since I was a kid, I’ve heard stories from my parents’ generation about how they raced to the comic store to get the new “Insert Super Hero and/or Alien Forecast and/or Subliminal Message here” and I’ve just never got it. I’ve gandered at a few in my time, but just never quite understood the infatuation. I guess my mind has been crippled and diluted by videogames, television, “the internets”, and DVD’s… but that’s a whole other conversation/ rant!

I’ve never really been into the superhero type stuff or the “save the world” fantasy that captivated audiences since our parent’s generation. Yeah I go for that stuff now and again, but I’ve just never been into the sci-fi/ Star Trek/ Star Wars/ Marvel Heroes/ Capcom stories… sorry folks.

But there’s these two comics… these two slices of life and comedy and realism and satire and needling and all-around-goodness… these perfect little daily flavors of life. They poke and they prod my imagination and fire my social and political juices; they make me angry and make me sad; they give me life yet deflate me faster than a summer heat wave (wink). But alas, I enjoy the company these two cartoons/ comics keep. I don’t know if you’d necessarily consider them comics, but hey, it’s as close as I’m going to get it seems…

…so check them out, and be sure to look at their respective archives! Enjoy!

Pardon My Planet byVic Lee

(A good strip aimed at the environment and the woes and foes of it all)
This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

(Umm, George Bush and the G.O.P ring a bell…? It’s all encompassing dumb-ass!)

Live, Love, Learn, Ask Questions

-AM Son


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