carey, chris, golf, hot, and music… just not all at once!

Yes. That’s right. I will talk about all of that… just, as I said, not all here in this post…

Chris & Carey’s wedding was beautiful! They’re such great friends, and I am extremely proud and happy to be of the first to call them husband and wife, as well as be their good friend. Congratulations you two, we all had a blast- it was a perfect weekend and perfect day for the celebration of your union! There were environmentally friendly sources of energy, great food, great friends, lovely sea breezes, and just so much to be happy for! Those times are the ones that make you simply happy to be alive!

Another thing, on another level, and not to be misconstrued as on the same level of importance as Mr. & Mrs. Losh… is this:

Before the Music Dies– for anyone who enjoys and appreciates good quality, moving, creative, soulful, personal, purposeful, caring music; you’ve gotta see this movie. I haven’t seen it, it’s not out yet, but if it is what it says it is, then it will be good! I’m not trying to belittle anything that doesn’t fall into the realm of what this film discusses, I’m just saying good, “real” music should be appreciated! Check out the trailer here.


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