an idea

Blood for Oil
(June 2005)

Pull the blood from our veins
And pump it to the pipelines-
The transcontinental ones
So we can replace the blood in all of us
With that soiled and sullied gasoline

Only then will we see its value
And quit this useless spillage
Of blood for oil

Never again will we waste our fuel
Or let our blood be tainted with viruses and disease
If it becomes the true lifeblood of our mortality

Hello Mr. President
And other G8 figureheads
Your diluted words mean less and less
Still, however
Cutting like a knife
Just give it up, confess

We’ve got to stop this useless war
This haste made scar on the power nations of the world

You see the others there
The little guys, they’re laughing at us
And mocking us heavily
For we’ve too long shook the hands of political crooks
That we’ve forgotten to lend our palms for the less fortunate

So go trade this oil, no not on the open market
Go swap oil for blood
And see how quickly it recedes
This flood
This flood of utter displeasure and despondence


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