Is Al Gore back?

My job/ work consists of readying a large parcel of land on a daily basis so that the elite of our society can spend their leisure time. Leisure time. Leisure time… remember that phrase.

Two or more days a week I wear a respirator mask to accomplish my job. Yes, I risk my health, my future, my sanity, and my wellbeing so that the rich old men of our society can perpetuate their “good ol’ boy” lifestyles. So… their leisure time depends heavily on my (or someone else) risking my own life. To me, something is wrong with that image. That picture is bleak- I need a change.

I don’t know, maybe this ordeal is what I must endure in order to get to where my calling is. Maybe this is just part of my own personal “Piano Man” song. Shall I pursuse what it is I think I want, or shall it pursue me when I’m ready and the time is right?

Obviously those questions are left to be determined… in time I suppose.
Boiled down, what I’m saying is that I think I’m sort of at a crossroads of my life. As John Mayer would proclaim, I’m having a “quarter life crisis”. Either way, it’s tough… but as I alluded to Billy Joel above, it shall all work out in the end, we all need to flounder for a while in “career-life” before we find “it”.

So where does Al Gore come in on this you ask? Ahh, well first let me apologize for temporarily leading you astray, but let me also explain.
Mr. Gore is making a comeback. He’s always been a “people’s politician” in my mind. Some would argue quite the opposite, and would attribute his loss in the 2000 presidential election to such things, but I chose to see him as a trailblazer and all around capable man (from the little I know). For the last 14 years he has been making speeches/ lectures having to do with global warming and climate change. Why he didn’t make the issue a larger part of his presidential campaign is beyond the scope of my knowledge, and also irrelevant to this discussion.
On May 24, Gore is releasing a movie/ documentary called An Inconvenient Truth.
This movie takes on those exact issues and examines them in a way that relates (or should relate) to all American citizens. I know I’m amped about it, and I plan to go see it on release weekend.

Check these out:
Sundance Film Festival – An Inconvenient Truth
Google Video Trailer – An Inconvenient Truth
IMDb- An Inconvenient Truth
Open Source Radio – An Inconvenient Truth

So how does all this relate to my earlier thoughts on my job? Well, seeing as I do care about our planet, I do care about personal health and wellbeing of all, and I do enjoy outdoors/ environmental stuff, I just thought that I was leading a hypocryitcal life. My soapbox rants and utopian idealism are seemingly pushed aside for aspirations of “the great American dream” and the pursuit of health and wealth… well not exactly, but you know what I mean. Anyone who knows me will realize that my goals and dreams will not be discovered or lived out on a 12th hole fairway somewhere in South Hadley. Those dreams, I surmize, will be found within the political and emotional tensions of Mother Earth, The Conservation Movement, and Envoronmentalism… I think/ hope?

Or maybe i’ll find my calling selling music behind the counter of a Newbury Comics somewhere…


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