slow, slow, slow

not much to write about lately… i’ve been busy, i haven’t had any huge topics i wanted to write about, and i just have kinda forgotten about my blogspace to be honest.

so whats new, lets see:

-back to summer work schedule, which means no time for life usually 😦
-em got a new job as a bank teller, which means smiley emily and more time for life πŸ™‚
-we got an hdtv and it rocks the world!
-the weather has been shitty- well shitty in terms of what spring should be
-my nephew is now 1 year old (yeah aidan, we love you)

other than that, not much has changed… stay tuned, as i’m bound to explode back on the scene with a scorching topic and out of this world commentary about some random thing!! haha


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