not cool, where’s the love?

not to rehash and overuse a certain “black eyed” mantra, but where is the love??

in recent news, at&t has purchased bellsouth. to most, this news is just another day in the life of the american way- consolidation of business: the rich get richer, the poor get kicked harder… and “the haves have not a clue”, as stated so eloquently by ed vedder.

of particular interest in the at&t/ bellsouth scenario is that by merging, 10,000 jobs will be cut! yes, you read that right. and you have my permission to excuse yourself and poke your head out your front door and scream bloody obscenities in the direction of the american telephone & telegraph headquarters in bedminster, nj.

to my knowledge, the reason for cooperation and teamwork (which in todays world only loosely defines why cooperations exist) is to get more done. productivity. efficiency. expediency. right?
that is why back in the caveman days there were groups of hunters and gatherers. they went out together so they’d hunt/ gather more and have more to bring back to family and townspeople. right?

so then why when two companies merge do they seem to always lay off/ cut thousands of jobs?? i know, i know, it’s all about the benjamins… i get it, and this rant is basically as rhetorical as it gets, but i just wanted to voice my displeasure with this trend.

so again i ask, where is the love??

that’s it, i’m out!


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