let me cry about it… i never cry about it… not these types of things… so let me whine

ok, here goes… this is semi-new territory for me here, but i’m going to immaturely whine about something for the next few minutes. yeah i can get on my soapbox about social injustices or american economic or military woes, but this one just seems pathetic and juvenile:

cbs canceled love monkey!!! 😦

yes, you read that right, i’m bitching about a television show being canceled. we loved this show (see a previous post) and now it’s been taken away. it figures though, the whole television industry is about money and profits and viewers and money and profits and money and money and money… well you get my drift.
now instead of emily and i sitting down to a mature dramedy about the music business and 30 somethings’ take on the world, we have to sit through oh so exciting “reality” shows like amazing race and forensic snorers like law and order: svu. can’t you tell my excitement, i’m just jumping about with uphoria…
guess this means only one thing- we won’t be watching tv during this timeslot. we’re not big tv people anyway, now we’ll have more time for books/ magazines/ 360/ chatting/ sleeping…

damn it cbs, get a clue, this show was liked and it made sense. it got by on intelligence, maturity, cleverness, and hipness (in terms of it’s assault on the pop music industry). it never insulted my intelligence or maturity with reccuring sex/ profanity/ explosions/ blood and gore/ immature tales of teenage angst/ or faux reality skits. it was good, plain and simple, and now it’s gone…
yay, just what tv needs- one more timeslot lost to crap.

i feel sorry for all of us that enjoyed the show- i feel sorry that we weren’t the ones with those overrated, overhyped, “god boxes” supplied to strategically selected viewers by the nielsen media research company.

ok.. as much sense or nonsense as this post has made… i don’t care, i feel better…

if you feel so inclined… go sign the petition to save the show.

i’m out


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