anyone seen winter?

::warning, you have just entered upon my complaint du jour::

well, today it feels like winter… but that doesn’t absolve ‘old man’ from the absence he’s shown over the last 2 months or so. yeah yeah, he’s reared his face here and there, but damn this has been one mild winter. i know i know, most people love it because their heating bills are lower, they don’t have to wear fluffy winter coats everywhere they go, and because they don’t have to warm up/ wipe off their cars for 20 minutes every morning before they head to ‘career’. but… myself on the other hand misses winter and it’s tightly frigid grip, and thus, today just feels nice (36 degrees, brisk breeze)!
adding to my plight (not to sound dramatic) is the fact that the golf course will not come through the winter in good shape if we don’t start getting some consistent weather. there’s many many reasons for this, so i won’t commence on a long boring diatribe , but suffice it to say this:
we had better either get snow cover quickly, or just fast forward to an early spring… because this in between stuff is driving me nuts.

::rant concluded::


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