360 monkey

360. last friday night (january 27) i finally got my xbox 360! yes indeed, i’m now the proud owner of a ‘next gen’ gaming system. patience was a virtue in this case i guess– i should have had it on the 22nd of november. it’s all that i thought it would be and more… having said that, it all feels a bit surreal because for the 2 months or so i was without videogames i actually learned how to live without them. yep, i said that… i lived without videogames, and it wasn’t hell. i repeat, it wasn’t hell. no, i would not like to live that way again or for any longer, but knowing it’s possible makes me sleep easier… all joking aside, it’s nice to have the 360. videogames are a part of my life, they always have and they probably always will be. so… look for the gamertag to change often with the games i’m playing and my gamerscore! if anyone gets a 360, add me to your friends list and we’ll get our game on….

monkey. cbs has a new nighttime drama called ‘love monkey‘. you should check it out, it’s quality tv. i’d categorize it as a drama- hints of comedic favor and smart, exciting, hip, involved, stories about a group of friends in their 30’s. to me, it’s like ‘friends’ meets ‘gilmore girls’. it seems that it will tackle the same sort of issues that those shows explored, but at maybe a more in depth and mature angle. i’d say it’s definitely for a bit of an older crowd, but can be enjoyed by all. it centers around the main characters career in the music business, so if you’re turned off by music, or couldn’t care less what your top 5 all time songs are, or don’t understand why bob dylan is considered a music legend, this show may still be for you but it may not grab your attention as fully or as naturally. it’s about music at its core, but it seems as if it will be a general ‘in the life of 30 somethings’ type show that hits on all things in life including romance, sexuality, sports, career, self, friends, and any other myriad of aspects. check it, 10pm on tuesdays on cbs.


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