that’s why it’s so tough to do

denver 27- new england 13: well, last night the pats finally lost a playoff game. boo-hoo, wah-wah, sniff-sniff right?? nope, not me… we (they) had a good run for the last 4 years, and we (they) should all feel proud of that. and who’s to say that we (they) won’t be back again next year to knock 06’s champ from the stage. no team in nfl history has won 3 championships in a row (or is it just the super bowl era?) and for them (us) to think this was the year and it was just gonna happen is crazy, it’s ludicrous, it’s a pipe dream of the most imaginative. it wasn’t our (their) year, it was that way from the start. and having said that, i think i’m most proud of this team (us) than any other- considering the adversity and setbacks that occurred almost from day one of the regular season… well even back to last winter if you count bruschi’s stroke. because of all those curveballs we (they) were thrown over the past year coupled with the fact that we (they) still managed to have a repsectable record and make it to the mid-rounds of the playoffs was incredible. yes, we (they) could have beaten denver, and yes, we (they) turned the ball over and had the unfortunate luck of a bad call or two, but even so… as bob ryan put it, “this was a bonus game… they were playing with house money”. ya see, this just wasn’t our (their) year, and we (we) need to get over it… because they (they) will.
next year, wait ’til next year… gee, what’s that reminiscent of??
great season pats!
see ya in august…

now go read bob ryan’s article… it’s one of the best i’ve read in the way he eloquently states the obvious and not so obvious emotions we (we/they) are going through…


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