many a reason

yeah, there’s a few reasons for my absence of late… the most prominent being the holidays! i had a good christmas and am looking forward to a great new year. it was an interesting and (vicariously at times) trying christmas for me and emily. over all things went well and we enjoyed spending quality time with family and friends- that’s what life is all about; not presents and gift receipts and keeping up with the jones’.

also adding to my lack of updates has been the pesky hard drive on the computer. it’s been replaced (today actually) and hopefully this ol’ girl can act more like the reliable computer it’s supposed to be. the drive was on its way out for sure, and i’m so sure it was gonna come at a complete ly inconvenient time… each day when we powered on the cpu we received a message that stated, “1720 hard drive detects imminent failure”. now if that’s not enough of a kick in the rear end then i don’t know what is. so, needless to say, we thought about it and just decided to buy a new hard drive… which i installed today (everyone hold their breath on that one!) thus postponing our plans for a new laptop even more. it just doesn’t make sense to fix now only to replace in a month… so we’ll just wait a bit longer ’til we make the leap to Mac!

also standing in my way as of late has been a pet project of mine that i started on my “vacation time”. basically, i renamed (re-tagged) all 9,300 of our mp3 files!! it sounds worse than it really was… see i’m a fanatic about organization with music files– i like to have each file embedded with the correct song title/ album/ artist/ track #/ genre/ year, information. ya see, it’s just one of those things…! so, with a little help from a program called “musicmonkey” i retagged all nearly 10,000 of our music files… it took about 10 days of putting in a few hours or more each day… but hey whats a greenskeeper to do when he’s off for the winter!?! needless to say, the “renaming” has taken me from most of my usual web based cyber-routine… which included blogging.

so… hopefully this hard-drive will do the trick… and the mp3’s won’t pose a problem now unless i let the new additions get away from me… and new years day is only 3 days away, so once that passes we’ll all be a bit more settled. yes, more time for work, more time for play, and yes… even more time for blogging!
happy 2006 y’all!


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