podcasting: come on, climb on the wagon

podcasting, what is it and how do i do it? that’s probably the question many people are asking themselves these days. the term and its derivatives are heard in conversations everywhere from the office to the playground, and its no surprise that it’s such a diverse topic. having said that, i’m sure that there’s a large percentage of the general populus that has no idea what podcasting is. well, i’m going to save myself and you from having to try and explain it myself… that’s what wikipedia is for! go check out the podcasting wiki, and while you’re at it check out wikipedia as well, as it’s a great resource for anything and everything. i actually use wikipedia as my startpage because it adds a constant and evolving educational way to start my web experiences.

to start podcasting yourself, the easiest way in to the phenomenon is through itunes. apple has made it easy with their podcasting integration right into itunes. check out the itunes music store and go to the podcast subsection!

so, i’m sure you’re wondering what podcasts i listen to and why. well, since i work outside and have a good amount of time to listen, i do! weather i’m operating various machines or doing other types of work outside (and a lot of times by myself), i get to listen each day for about 6(+/-) hours or so. here’s what i listen to… i’ll explain my top 5 podcasts and merely list the rest that i listen to not so frequently.

Buzz Out Loud from CNET- this show concerns the world of techn news. it’s a short (indeterminate) daily podcast put on by 3 CNET tech editors. i like it because it’s daily and brief. i get my tech fix in an easy to digest and sometimes campy and humorous way. great way to start my day, as this is primarily the podcast i listen to first thing each day! rating- 9/10 (9 out of 10) also check out: Buzz Out Loud wiki
Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon- here’s a weekly/ semi weekly podcast from public radio international that can and will cover any topic. i’ve heard subjects ranging the red sox nation fanaticism to war in iraq topics and all the way to federal reserve and money issues. so, it’s a diverse set of discussions that often involves multiple guests and interviews. hosted by christopher lydon, the show offers a civil, intelligent, dynamic, and articulate hour of discussion. i like this show in particular because mr. lydon is such a good host. he asks the right questions, in the right manner, and always is educated very well on the subject at hand. the topics are sometimes out of my relm of knowledge, but i soon warm up to the information being discussed and can almost always come away better informed and interested in the subject matter. this one usually goes at the end of my listening day because of its length… i like to get as much in as possible every day. rating- 9/10
XBox Live’s Major Nelson– ahh yes, the xbox… and xbox live… and podcasting… it doesn’t get better than this!! i’m sure most of you know what xbox is already, so i’ll skip the rambling. xbox live, for the uninformed, is xbox’s online services that let gamers communicate and play games with and against eachother online. major nelson (the husband in the tv show “i dream of jeannie“) is the gamertag of larry hryb, a microsoft employee working on the xbox live team. this is a weekly show done every sunday that focuses on xbox and xbox live news. since major nelson is a microsoft employee, he knows the latest info and insider information on xbox happenings. he oftentimes has interviews, guests, reviews, dialogues, roundtable discussions, and much more awesome information. he discredits rumors, offers advice, and generally fosters and perpetuates a great sense of the xbox online community. i love this show, and look forward to it with eager anticipation each monday morning. even though i don’t put this into my top 2 favorite podcasts, it is by far the most anticipated of all i listen to. rating- 8/10 also check out xbox live wiki
Morning Sedition Radio- air america radio is a great radio station that hosts mainstream-type radio programming that most times isn’t so mainstream. did ya get that?? well, morning sedition is a great daily morning radio program hosted by mark riley and marc maron. the show boasts a liberal slant and plays out with a humorous, witty, informative, satirical, professional, ranting news broadcast style. there’s news, interviews, comedy skits, in depth conversation, dialogue, call ins, and all around good fun and a biting critique of the world we live in. those that know me can easily figure out why i like this show, but it’s really just a fun, informative, and interesting radio show that i usually can’t miss. again, this is a long one (2 hours +/-) so it’s not always very accessible for me in my day, otherwise it’d be rated higher. rating- 8/10 also check out morning sedition wiki
HDTV and Home Theater Podcast– although i don’t have a killer home theater setup or even an HDTV, i love listening to these guys talk home theater. you can learn all about hdtv here, here, and here… but there’s a lot to know so don’t bite off too much just yet! high definition television is a concept for the future, but it’s here now. it’s very confusing and very technical sometimes, which is why i listen to this podcast. the two hosts break down the technology and terminology into simpler terms that are easier to understand…. though not always easy. there’s reviews, news, discussion, interviews, and goon insight into the whole high definition home theater subject. i don’t exactly know what it is, but i just love listening to these guys talk. it’s one of my highest rated for sure! rating 9/10
NPR Environment– i love anything environmental, and this show really covers good topics and subjects. ranging from ocean concerns, oil drilling in anwr, pollution, science and tech advancements, to the amazon rainforests… it’s here and it’s good! rating 7/10

i could go on and on and explain every podcast i listen to, but i’d be here a while and i’m not really into that… so the rest i’ll just list and offer a brief explanation. have fun, and let me know if ya have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of them!

this week in tech (twit)- this week in tech is hosted by leo laporte (the coolest tech cat out there)! he, along with other tech gurus discuss “this week in tech” news, hence the name! awesome roundtable/ discussion type setting that covers everything… albeit sometimes over even my head. rating 6/10
maccast– a really good apple/mac info podcast that covers everything from apple computers to ipods and other apple related news, reviews, interviews, and commentary. rating 7/10
bicyclemark’s communique– bicyclemark is a radical activist dude from amsterdam who has thoughts and ideas about lots of different things. my kinda cat in a lot of ways! rating 6/10
npr podcasts– various npr shows are really informative and all around good to listen to. ya can never get too much NPR!!
engadget– another tech show, but this time it’s about gadgets and more spoecific tech news and happenings. a little too much about cell phones for my liking. rating 5/10
gamertag radio/ gaming steve/ dreamstation.cc– these are more videogaming podcasts i enjoy
slate explainer- here’s a little podcast that just explains “stuff”! kinda cool
this week in hdtv- another hdtv podcast… just can never get too much!!

any questions, comments, concerns, or if you wish to add anything just leave some comments! thanks a ton for reading this far… i hope it wasn’t too boring.

another blog post is in the dust… take care and i’ll be back soon!
–Streeter (aka. AM Son)


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