Name Change

I’ve decided to change the name of my blog… for a few reasons. I hope that it doesn’t invalidate the relevance of the blog or any information I blog about here. I’ve just decided to freshen things up a bit a see how the new “label” feels…. hope you all like!! So, for now and without further adieu, please welcome Project Cognizance as the new title here! It reflects the fact that I am a big proponent of streams of awareness and thought. Thinking is not an option in life, it is required and ought to encompass more of peoples daily regimen. Likewise, thinking should also be done mostly for no good reason except it’s good to think! My motto, my mission statement: Ask questions, Live, Learn, Love… that is life! {AL3)

Continue enjoying my consciousness! Comments are always welcome…


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  1. Why Blog Search is Better
    So Google has rolled out Blog Search in beta. Why it’s good: Less spam Bloggers adhere to conventions so readers know what type of content to expect Savvy users can subscribe to a feed that will show a result …
    Hi , Great Blog!
    Okay, so maybe I’m going off topic but this may be of interest … I read about peer to peer file sharing today and that the guys who created skype are the same guys behind the worlds biggest files sharing portal where you can get free movie downloads and free music downloads. Now the company that bought the software from them has just lost a battle in Australia with a consortium made up of big entertainment companies but they are still insisting that this kind of software is the new technology of the future… could this be?

    Are we living in a world where content could be free at some time in the future? Or are we just waiting for the content providers to build more robust file sharing software?

    Ok, I’ve rambled on a bit sorry .. just a thought (Guess I need to get back in my box .. lol ) 🙂

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