Bits & Pieces

There’s so much going on in the world- my world, but there’s no way to get it all out here for you to know. So here goes, here’s the little snippets version:

**Katrina’s wrath still rolls on, and high ranking officials (all the Bush’s, Michael Brown, Michael Chertoff, Condoleeza Rice, et al.) all over the place are passing the buck rather than owning up to croni-ism, conservative politics, government fundamentalism, neocon theivery, and other unethical blundering.

**Podcasts are the coolest thing ever!! Can’t get enough!

**”My Name is Earl” on NBC premieres on Sept. 20! Jason Lee is cool, lets see where this citcom goes..

**Gas prices have dropped slightly… hmm, seems the fear and perception of oil shortages have worn off. There’s no shortage, the feds are just jacking up the prices to pad their pockets. Blaming it on the hurricane is their way of saving face in response to the falling approval ratings of this corrupt and insensitive administration.

**Fall is almost upon us! Bring it! Book reading, leef peeping, pigskin watching, 6AM sleepin’ in, sweatshirt wearing season is almost here…

**My girlfriend is lovely and beautiful!

**Just watched the movie/ documentary “The Corporation”! Anyone who sees through the flimsy facade of the current fundie regime in office- rent this flick now!

**Wilco is the best band on the planet! Rachael Yamagata rocks too!

**Thinking still about getting a Mac Powerbook… can’t wait to actually do it!

**Pats won their season opener against “Tha Raidas” 30-20.. here we go again boys! Sox seem to be cruisin into the playoffs and their first division win since like ’95.

There’s plenty more… but life calls right about now. I’ll be back soon with another wholly functional and wildly entertaining update!


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