I’m an Uncle!

Yep, that’s the truth… my brother and his girlfriend had their first child last week! I’m so excited, proud, and honored to welcome Aidan Norman Streeter to this family and to the world- April 14, 2005! Congratulations Jeff and Holly! As my brother put it, “he has always loved the name Aidan, and when he told Holly of it she fell in love with it as well”. He (and they) then wished to offer Norman as Aidan’s middle name, in memory of our father who passed away many years ago. How cool is that, a unique, stylish, meaningful name offered to their first born- I’m ecstatic!
Emily and I had the privilege to see baby Aidan a few days ago, and I must say that it was one of the best, most memorable, emotional days in my entire life. I have to stop and think… my brother- a father; me- an uncle… wow, this is cool. My family (Jeff and I specifically) has had so many “subtractions” from it over the years (namely our father) that it is so reassuring and comforting to welcome an “addition” to our name. It feels good.
Although only visiting with baby Aidan, Holly, and Jeff for a few hours, it became clear to both Emily and myself that Aidan is and will be in good hands- Jeff seemed a natural at fatherhood- so proud and happy as a Father and of his son. I’ve seen this from Jeff for many years, in the way he interacts with Sean and my other brother Eric (as well as other kids). He has such a simple, organic, caring connection with children that this is only a natural progression for him. Holly seems to have a motherly knack and feel for it all already, and I’m sure the both of them will only find this experience more and more rewarding as they travel it’s path…
My mother has often stated that she’s eager and excited to become a Grandmother… and although my step-sister had her own baby last fall, this was the real event my Mom had been coveting. I’m so happy for my Mom, as she’s always been a wonderful mother and friend to each of her children… and “Grandmotherhood” has shown and will prove to be only another venue for her to share he gift as a caring, nurturing, goodhearted person! Her smile alone on Thurday was indicative of her happiness!
Through all of this I feel an added closeness to my brother, Holly, and my parents. I’m not exactly sure why I feel like this, but I do know one thing… it feels wonderful!
I love all of my family- congratulations Jeff, Holly, Aidan, Sean, Mom, Gary, and Emily- I love you!

I’m going to try and attach some images… hope they work!! He’s just so darn cute!

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