In a Perfect World

Just a thought…

(December 2003)

I don’t need anything like that, he remarks.
I don’t care.
I won’t judge my existence by a figure or a count.
I don’t care.
Cause things will come and things will go.
And I don’t care.
What I need is care and trust.
The kind you forge through love not lust.
Things don’t make me happy.
Things don’t make my day.
But things can ruin a man.
In many countless ways.
When echoes of happiness lay dying on a shelf.
Because long ago the goal he made was self.
To obtain more in hopes of finding satisfaction.
When all it ushered in was clutter.
A useless growing collection.

(The world today is all about material possessions- the fat getting fatter. I absolutely loathe this, so I wrote the above statement- my equivalent of a pressure cooker top releasing steam. Posessions should never measure a soul, and we should never utilize accumulated “stuff” as a barometer for success and happiness. More is more, simply put, not better or better off. Our lives shall be measured by the love we give, the love we receive, and the bonds and friendships that we value. As per usual, I’m probably sounding like a perfect person, whom has no faults, but I assure you I’m not. This is just my “perfect world scenario” shining through. It derives from that “utopian thought factory” that we all posess in our souls.)


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