John Mayer Has a TV Show

yep, that’s right… indeed! john mayer does have a television show, and yes it is so creatively named “john mayer has a tv show”. it’s shown over the vh1 airwaves, and although i don’t know the set time for it’s airing i believe it’s a weekly type show during december- though i may be mistaken. i caught it the other night while channel flicking and was so drawn to it that i hope to catch it again in the future.
i know i know, you’re probably thinking, “come on, john mayer is for the chicks, and he’s just another teen heart-throb” and all that shit…. all of which i have a rebuttal for- john mayer’s music is skilled and admirable, and he’s a funny cat to boot. there’s something about his music, of which even we men can see, that just speaks from that forgotten place hidden deep in the corner’s of our heart and soul. it’s one part comical, followed by seriousness. it’s heartfelt, contrasted by cynicism; and poignent all the while being vague and thought provoking at the same time. having said all that, it’s just easy to listen to his style and approach to musical storytelling- while straying from the dylan-esque meets allman brothers “rambling man” novel approach.
so, while steering clear of my own rambling man tendencies, i’ll truncate this thought progression a bit and “quit while i’m ahead”.
quite simply, ya just gotta love john mayer! and now ya gotta check out the tv show…


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