In My Own Mind

“I live in my own mind,
Ain’t nothin but a good time” –Lyle Lovett

this song lyric is deeply representative of my own view of myself. i’m a thinker, but that doesn’t mean i’m smart or intelligent necessarily. i’m observant and aware of my surroundings, but again it doesn’t mean i have eyes and ears wrapped around my head at each successive degree. it’s fun in my mind, it’s entertaining and enlightening, it’s dark and expressive too, but each day i’m able to create a “place” for me to reside and swirl around the goings on of this world and make sense of it all.

having said that, lately i haven’t been able to grasp any sort of poignent topic or hyper entertaining bit of consciousness to write down here for all myself as well as anyone who may read this… thus the lapse in daily on-the-dot posts. it will come, time will tell, and “my own mind” will offer some form of spark somewhere down this tunnel of a road we call life… stay tuned…


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