Star Sixed… Unfortunately

Purchased another “unnecessary but necessary” item today- gotta love those! Dan dragged me to Newbury Comics (if you consider dragging as the correct verb) this evening, and for the first time in my abbreviated stay on this lovely planet, I did not know what I would purchase. Well, after long pause and consideration I came to the conclusion that I would do my boys from Somerville, MA a favor and buy their sendoff live CD. The band- Dispatch, the CD- All Points Bulletin. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to know this band, I offer my regrets, as they are a solid representation of musical craft at its finest. Together for eight or so years, they’ve decided to call it quits (amicably) to pursue other (musical and unrelated) interests. Never signed to a major label, although many came calling, these three cats flew under the radar of most music radio and tv enterprises, not to mention music listeners nationwide. In an age where music is force fed and concocted in New York office buildings that scrape the sky, it is refreshing that this band stood the test of time; consistently putting out a quality heartfelt product while keeping true to their music, their fans, and most of all their own souls. I could go on for a while about why I am into their music and style, but I’ll let you check ’em out and judge for yourself.

Recommended songs are: “Bats in the Belfry”; “Carry You”; “Walk With You”; “Small Change”; “Lightning”; “Flying Horses”; “Two Coins”; “Riddle”; “Bang Bang”; “The General”

Check ’em out at:


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