Think of yourself
When thinking for yourself
Because no one else can
And no one else will


One Response to “Think”

  1. Matt, I am so amazed and mystified at the elegance of your writing syle and the way you express yourself. I feel like you are a completely different person from the one I grew up with. (I wonder why, seeing how I haven’t seen you since I was like 17-18!) I am truly proud of you and it makes me stop and think about our family. I know that my mom was a poet and wrote a lot of her thoughts down. I only assume that your mom is just as good. But your Dad and the Streeter side is what makes me stop and think. I only experienced such a short time with your Dad and I wonder what his writing was like. (I do have a “honey-do” list that he wrote once at our house. It was a joke he left for my Dad.)
    I have always known that you were a deep thinker…I remember numerous conversations we would have late night when we spent vacations together. (Miss those days!) I’m Stacy and you’re T.J. Hooker!!! 🙂 Anyways…your website is amazing…keep writing, I enjoy your thoughts!

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