As a man I ain’t never been much for sunny days…

… but damn sam I love a woman that rains…

It’s raining today- and those that know me sure know that I’m a huge fan of rain. It’s a calming event for me. And yes, I see it as an event in and of itself. I sit and enjoy it sometimes, just hearing it, feeling it, and taking it all in. I don’t care what time of year it is (well, during snow season it can be a cramp in your side) and how it rains, I just love it. In my mind, November was created for grey, gloomy, damp, wood stove and coffee type days. They’re made for choppin’ wood, cleaning up the last of Autumn’s fallen glory, and tossing a football around with Jr. in the yard. Rain just enhances these late fall aspects. I can’t articulate my feelings completely, so I’ll retire from trying…

Here’s something I wrote about rain:

(April 2004)

Let everyone move
As quickly as they may
To their shelter
To their solace
Let them escape from their day

When the rain comes to call
I take the opposite view
No running, no hiding
I relish it, I love thy rain
I’m a minority

Soothing to me
It comforts like a warm cup of tea
Gray skies warm my heart
Performing their cold, raw part
To never make me wish to flee

The gloomy skies don’t offer a scare
They are welcomed
They are embraced
Like a cozy, comfy chair

They say some people walk in the rain
While others just get wet
I say why walk?
When I can run
And splash more yet

So when the rains do give way
To a sunny, brighter day
I begin to pine
For that gray, content way
That I become when it rains
Soothing me
Healing me
Feeling more like me


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