I like to write… what it is I can’t pretend to label. However, from time to time I’ll post some sort of my failed, shady, upside down poetry here. Here’s one I wrote recently…

United Superficial Americans? (U.S.A)

He’s too…
She’s too…
We all can come up with inserted answers
But why?

Why are we as a nation
Driven to a shallow perception
A meaningless search for the superficial
And endless effort spent on “perfect”

Why does “a few extra” mean fat?
Why can’t we be ourselves?
100 per cent of the time, our own
Let our real beauty show
Let our true colors bleed and flow

Can we have our own mind?
What about how I believe?
If I’m different, then I’m wrong
Or if I’m just not the perfect image
Or image of perfection
Again I’m wrong
But why?
For what?
A few more pennies in someones porcelain bank
With no one but themselves to thank

Posters create a rush
To copy, to imitate, and blush
The market becomes its own worst
Enemy is fear
Our agenda is now clear
More, more, more
And again- why?

Where did the real stuff go?
Where is our conscience?
And our faith in the deeper side
Where is the road not taken?
And a beautiful, wonderful
Blissful pride…
In the real, in the me, in the you
In the true

This world has become so entangled in superficiality. I see it every day, and it bother’s me. It bothers me so much and so deeply, that I think and write about it often and freely. I don’t have a problem with style, but come on people, where’s the substance. A brilliant, famous architect bythe name of Frank Lloyd Wright believed in a concept called, “form following function”. How cool and original is that?! We must first think of utility and function for something, then and only then can we design it’s aesthetics. This can pertain to anything from clothing and cars, shoes to handbags, and hand-tools to homes. We need to accept that some people think and act differently, and some people don’t jump at the “trendy” or the “cool”. We need to appreciate people, life, and things for what they are and not what we want them to be…

I’m stepping down off of my soapbox now- sorry to all those who may now think that I think I’m perfect- i’m not, I can assure you.



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  1. I’ll preface by stating that I believe the same thing you do about form following function and that things being asthetically pleasing before being functional is idiotic.
    But if we are going to “accept that some people think and act differently” then you and I and people like us have to accept people like James who are all about the asthetically pleasing things. Unfortunatly we do find ourselves in the minority in this country.

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